May we have a word?

Artist: Rftigermode
Pairing: Reacum x Butta

May we have a word-Reacum x Butta-Rftigermode-ibDBZ Reloaded-b The Yaoi Saga -i-Pic28

AAAAAAAAAAAAH I can't believe I crapped this out in less than 24 hours.

Dare I think... Could I have... leveled up??

Anycrap, what started out as just me wanting to paint turned into fanart turned into some experimentation. The outfits are based on a wonderful gift art my RL buddy pal pinkuh made for me, which in turn, is based on an unfinished fic of mine from a few years back called "Boys Be Boys," an AU where the Ginyus are more or less part of the mob, head by Frieza (surprise, surprise).

I'm proud of a few small achievements in the pic here and there. Victories where we can grasp them. :thumbsup: Fun fact: My home town has a lot of places that look like this.

Building and ground textures from