A Friendly Chat Over Space Soda

Artist: Rftigermode
Pairing: Zarbon x Butta

A Friendly Chat Over Space Soda-Zarbon x Butta-Rftigermode-ibDBZ Reloaded-b The Yaoi Saga -i-Pic30

Appule: Is Zarbon seriously letting people see him like that?

Dodoria: He's been walking around transformed on a regular basis these days. He's been hanging around with that Ginyu guy a lot, too, now that I think of it.

Appule: You don't think they're...

Dodoria: Well, I've had my suspicions about Zarbon, but I didn't think Mr. Beauty-Bombs himself would go for a guy like--

Zarbon & Burter: We're not dating! D:<


I don't really think of them as a pairing so much as I imagine Burter, if he were a decent person and felt so inclined, helping Zarbon to see that he shouldn't be ashamed when transformed, because he doesn't see it as becoming something repulsive (quite the opposite actually). Of course, there are always those that will misinterpret things, Dodo-brain and Appule, for example.

Lazy background is lazy. D: