Walking the Path in Purgatory

Artist: Pinkuh
Pairing: Pin ups

Walking the Path in Purgatory-Pin ups-Pinkuh-ibDBZ Reloaded-b The Yaoi Saga -i-Pic45

I drew this becuase of a weird dream I had last night... It seriously involved Akira Toriyama Catching me by the shoulder and ranting to me about how much Bi'shonen's uniforms Suck...

This got me back on a kick I havn't been on for a year...


Vegeta started out my love for all things anime… it was him…

I love DBZ with all my heart… STILL to this day… and I will never forget it.

Vegeta is copyright Akira Toriyama/Bird Studios/Funimation
Image copyright PinkFoxStudios 2005